Glitches in HTroop v1.0b8

Post any errors, bugs, and glitches you find in HTroop v1.0b5, here.
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Glitches in HTroop v1.0b8

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So far, there are two main giltches. On very rare occasions, in a map ending and switching to another map, the game ctd's.

The other glitch is that in HTroop's Singleplayer for example, flamethrowers' fire, burns on the ground for a bit, but Also Harms, Possibly Kills soldiers that get too close, until the flame disappears. However, over the dedicated server, Only Direct fire with the flamethrower, and various vehicles that have fire based weapons, will cause harm. The burning fire effect happens, but the damage is not there, at all. Anyone have any ideas?

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