HTroop Update To v1.0b82 - Edits/Changes

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HTroop Update To v1.0b82 - Edits/Changes

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I made viewing distance in BoB a bit better, I added the ZepplinL30 to canyon siege, I made it a bit easier to see in coral sea I think, I don't remember what I did in dc prison camp lockdown, but it must have been important lol. In Dolphin Island Peak, I made it so that both the allied and axis object spawns will spawn when the peak is taken. In Eastern Front, I moved the main allied cp a little further forward, to stop a lag effect. In Intense, I created deadly water areas around the bases of the aa gun points, so that any soldiers in the water there will die and respawn in aa guns or planes, and I removed a few planes from the map, to stop the "out of ghost ids" issue. I decreased the tickets in Jocoseness. I added 2 german planes in Market Garden. I included Battle of Midway, as it seems to be working now over a network. In TunnelTime, I decreased the number of objects spawned to allow it to work over a network, and replaced the small wheeled cannons, with rocket platforms.

I made all halftracks and troop trucks, into mobile medical & ammo points for both soldiers and vehicles (though you resupply and heal a lot slower from being within their radius outside the vehicles, than you will being inside of them.

I corrected the Katyusha firing issue, and changed the katyusha rocket projectile's materials numbers, making it a higher damage and larger visual effect. I gave the pomornik hovercraft, more power to get onto/off of land. I corrected the Ratte tank's "lifespan" issue. I corrected the number of rockets fired from the Rocket Platform (to be as it should be). I gave a bit more power to the russian fighter and bomber. I changed the german vierling aa gun to the flakpanzer aa gun. I also fixed the ch47 rocket rack issue.

I corrected the German Lazer Tower Network issue, so it will work without crashing the host or client (which means any maps with the lazer tower in them, will now work over a network; these include the maps: Charlie, Die Sturmgewher, Fortress, and DC Prison Camp Lockdown).

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